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First Dry Gin

First Gin is an organic London Dry Gin. Lots of juniper combined with a balanced taste of apple and rosemary. Preferably served with lots of ice, a natural tonic, slice of green apple and some black peppercorns.


New in

First Pink Gin

Proudly presenting First Pink Gin

Organic gin with raspberry and Rhubarb,

a taste of summer!

Our story

The distillery is situated in a little red cabin in front of the castle of Wenngarn, just outside Sweden’s First city Sigtuna. Thousand years of history, from the First king to the First saint and the First coin, all together creating the foundation for Sigtuna today. 

During the nineteenth century the cabin was used as a distillery and Wenngarn was an institute for alcoholics. Now, Wenngarn is a thriving small modern village community attracting tourists from all over the world. In the middle of this historical place, First Distillery Sigtuna are making world class top level gin. 



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